Artificial turf grassArtificial turf grass is an excellent investment for your home. You will save many years’ worth of watering, trimming, and mowing, not to mention outlays on expensive chemicals and pesticides.

Artificial Turf Grass

Of course, artificial turf grass still requires some maintenance to ensure it stays in tip-top condition. After all, installing a fake grass lawn can seem like a hefty investment, around $8 per square foot, so you want to ensure you look after it. However, you should see this initial outlay as an investment, and one you can see returned in a couple of years.

Your artificial turf will last many more years with the correct maintenance. Therefore, read on to discover the best ways to maintain your fake grass lawn.

Keep Your Artificial Turf Grass Clean

Once you have made the initial investment of laying your fake grass lawn, your only main concern is keeping your lawn clean. Regular cleaning will ensure your pristine fake grass remains in that condition for many years.

Keeping your grass free of pet hair, stones, and other debris is crucial. Doing so will avoid the fibers becoming damaged. Also, having your lawn free from pet urine and other odor-causing substances means you can enjoy your garden in a fresh and smell-free environment.

Keeping your artificial lawn clean is the number one tip for maintaining its life. You should clean it regularly, ensuring you remove any dirt, dust, and debris before it has an opportunity to build-up.

Doing this will prevent your grass from choking in soil. Eventually, this will result in your artificial grass looking less appealing and its performance will degrade. Using a regular garden hose will help you get rid of organic material building up in the grass fibers. You may have to apply additional pressure on the more stubborn areas.

You can also keep your lawn debris-free without liquid by brushing it regularly. Indeed, you should avoid using some chemicals to clean your artificial lawn. These can be corrosive and damage the fibers, resulting in your grass losing its looks.

Use the Right Equipment On Your Artificial Lawn

Something else to consider when cleaning your fake grass is to use the appropriate equipment. A few essentials include a hose, stiff brush, leaf blower, and rake. Investing in these tools will save you time and a lot of effort. Moreover, it will ensure your lawn remains in great condition for many years.

Of all these tools, you will likely use your hose the most, particularly if you live in an area with low rainfall. A rake is excellent for keeping your lawn’s sheen and freshness. However, select a rake with plastic bristles as metal can be too abrasive on the grass.

Avoid Reflective Surfaces

You want your artificial lawn to last a long time, certainly long enough to recoup your investment. Another way to increase your lawn’s longevity is to avoid reflective surfaces. Shaded areas are definitely best for fake grass to last.

How To Remove Pet Urine Smells And Other Odors From Your Artificial Turf Grass

More than three-quarters of people with artificial turf lawns have pets. As their pets use the garden as a bathroom, it is crucial for them to rinse their lawns a couple of times weekly. Depending on the size and number of pets, you might need to increase the frequency of rinsing.

Pet urine, saliva and faeces can leave unsightly stains on artificial turf. They can also leave your lawn with unpleasant odors. If you have pets or your lawn is smelling unpleasant, it’s crucial that you flush it regularly using a live bacteria product.

Select a product that also contains stain-cleaning properties. Turf Hero is an excellent Bio-Enzymatic solution. We’ve found it to be the best product available for eliminating odors.

Removing Pet Hair From Your Artificial Lawn

Keeping your lawn free of pet hair as it can lead to your grass becoming clogged, preventing water getting into the fibers. Removing pet hair is particularly important if your pets urinate on your lawn.

No special tools are needed to remove pet hair. You can keep your lawn hair-free with a brush and some elbow grease. If you use a push broom, use a reverse action, pulling it towards you. Gather the hair into small clumps that you can then pick up and dispose of.


An artificial lawn requires an initial investment, and you’ll want to keep it in great condition for as long as possible. Hopefully, this brief article will help you look after your grass so you can enjoy it for many years. Please contact us if you have any queries.