TURF HERO – Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Square Feet of Turf will One Gallon of TURF HERO® Treat?

A Gallon of TURF HERO®  will treat approximately 5,000 to 6,000 Square Feet of Artificial Turf. The coverage amount may vary a little depending on how saturated your turf is and how many dogs you have.

Do I Have to Use Any Type of Infill Granules or Powder Along with Turf Hero?

No. Turf Hero® will get rid of the odor problems all on it’s own. If there are any products that tell you that you have to use infill along with their liquid concentrate, that means that they have an inferior product. Piling infill onto your turf every time it needs to be treated can make the problem worse, as too much infill can prevent your turf from draining properly.

How Do I Apply the Product? Do I Need to Buy Any Additional Supplies?

No, everything you need to apply the product is included. It is a very simple process and no additional bottles or accessories are needed.

Is Your Product Safe to Use Around My Pets? How long Do I Have to Wait Before They Can Walk on It?

Yes, Your pets can safely walk onto the turf after it is treated. We recommend waiting approx 45 minutes to let the product soak in a little but that is not neccessary.

Will TURF HERO® Get Rid of Odors on Other Outdoor Surfaces Besides Artificial Turf?

Yes! TURF HERO® will neutralize odors on all outdoor surfaces including natural grass, hardscape, gravel beds, wooden decks, mulch beds, indoor and outdoor carpet and any other surfaces where odor problems may be present.

I Have Tried Other Odor Elimination Products and They Did Not Work. How Do I Know Yours Will?

We realize there are dozens of odor products that make claims but ultimately do not work. If TURF HERO®  does not take care of the odor problems, we will give you a 100% refund minus shipping.

Turf Hero One Gallon container
Turf Hero One gallon container and applicator bottle.